Montessori number cards 1-9000

This math lesson is designed for 3 to 6-year-old children to help them form numbers 1-9000 using the Montessori number cards.

This Montessori large number cards activity is similar to counting through with the Golden Bead bars. This activity is one example of how we move from concrete to abstract Math concepts in Montessori.

What are the Montessori Large Number Cards?

The Large Number Cards are a Montessori Mathematics material used to introduce decimal systems to children.

Montessori large number cards contain 4 sets of cards representing different categories of numbers in the ‘base ten’ or decimal system, namely ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands.

The sets in large number card boxes include:

  • The 9 units cards (1 to 9): each printed in green on a white wooden card.
  • The 9 tens cards (10 to 90): each printed in blue on a white wooden card. The ten cards are 2 times the width of the unit cards. 
  • The 9 hundred cards (100 to 900): each printed in red on a white wooden card. A hundred cards are 3 times the width of the unit cards 
  • The 9 thousand cards (1000 to 9000): each printed in green on a white wooden card. A thousand cards are four times the width of the unit cards.

These wooden cards are kept in an open wooden container on the Mathematics curriculum shelf. 

Purpose of Large Number Cards

A primary purpose of the Large Number Cards is to help children recognize each category of the decimal system’s written numerical symbols. 

As they work with the material, they also discover how numbers are formed, and how we count beyond the number nine in a decimal category. Also, the activity engages the child’s senses and helps to develop order, concentration, and hand-eye coordination.

Perquisites for Large Number cards

How to Introduce Montessori Number Cards to the Child?

In this video, the child arranges the cards to form four-digit numbers and learns how to say the number in words. Let’s start with counting the Large Number Cards.

  1. Invite the child to the table along with the Large Number Cards box from the Mathematics curriculum area.
  2. Introduce the child to unit category cards and show them numbers 1 to 9 cards by placing them randomly, as shown in the video.
  3. Now, take the ‘1’ unit number card and place it at the top right corner of the table. Count the card aloud using its category name: “one unit”.
  4. Continue placing and counting the unit cards vertically in one row.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 with tens, hundreds, and thousands category cards. 
  6. After laying out and counting all cards, tell the child that now we will learn to make a 4-digit number starting with thousands.
  7. As shown in the video, tell the child to pick one card each from thousands, followed by hundreds, tens, and units categories.
  8. For example, to make the number 1427, we will pick a 1000-numbered card, 400 numbered 20 numbered, and 7 numbered cards.
  9. Place the cards vertically starting from the thousand cards. Ask the child to read the number formed by large number cards as one thousand, four hundred, and twenty-seven. 
  10. Tell them this is how we form numbers.
  11. Ask the child to try to make a number, let’s say 3647, and read the number aloud while forming it.

Watch the video on how to form numbers using large number cards and let them arrange the cards to form four-digit numbers. 

This concrete method of forming numbers is a fun and innovative way to instill a sense of logical thinking in the child. This will help them get a better understanding of complex math concepts such as the decimal system.

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