Cut and paste activity

Cutting and Pasting is a fun-filled arts and crafts activity designed for primary-level children in the age group of 3-6 years.

What is Pasting?

Cut and paste activities helps a child explore their creative side and express themselves artistically. It is a sensory activity that aims to develop fine motor skills and pincer grip. It also improves order, concentration, coordination, and independence.

How is the Pasting Activity Introduced in the Montessori School?

In Montessori schools, children are introduced to paste with brushes or small spreaders instead of glue sticks as it prepares a child’s hand for writing by developing their fine motor skills and pincer grasp.

Using glue with a brush also helps a child to determine how much glue they need to paste. The reason behind pasting as a Montessori curriculum is to provide plenty of opportunities for children to engage in free, child-led process art.

Benefits of Cut-and-paste Activity

  • It helps a child to develop fine motor skills.
  • It improves hand-eye coordination
  • The child learns to concentrate and focus.
  • It enhances a child’s visual perception and discovers their inner artist.
  • It strengthens hands muscles and pincer grip

Materials required for pasting activity

  • Different paper cutouts (use different colors, textures, thickness, etc.)
  • A working sheet, or cardboard to paste cutouts
  • Glue with a brush
  • A sponge to wipe out extra glue

Other Materials that can be Used for Cut and Paste Activity

  • Different sizes, colors, and textures of paper.
  • Craft papers like kite paper, felt sheet, rice paper, etc.
  • Colored sand
  • Pasta, rice, beans, etc.
  • Cotton balls or pompoms.
  • Natural materials like leaves, pebbles, twigs, etc.

How to Introduce the Cut-and-paste Activity to a Child?

  1. Invite the child to the work area and tell them that today, they are going to learn how to paste and create a masterpiece of art.
  2. Show them different paper cut-outs, and the working sheet.
  3. By picking up a cut-out, show them how to apply glue.
  4. Follow the video and show them how to paste the cut-out on the worksheet.
  5. Ask the child to repeat the steps and complete the collage.

5 Simple Pasting Activities You can Try at Home

  • Paper Pasting/ Theme Pasting
  • Nature Collage
  • Sand Collage
  • Food collage
  • Pom-pom pasting

Allow the child to discover their inner artist by making a collage of the seasons and a greeting card as shown in the video.

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