leaf washing

This practical life lesson is designed for 1 to 3-year-old children. This video lesson guides them on how to wash and clean the leaves of the plant. 

Looking after indoor plants is a great way to introduce care for the environment to small children and toddlers. It helps them to connect with nature. This activity allows children to help maintain the cleanliness and order of their surroundings. It teaches them to take care of things around them and assist in household chores.

Benefits of Washing Leaves Activity

  • It helps in strengthening the finger muscles 
  • It helps in increasing concentration and exercising self-control 
  • It helps the child to develop order and hand-eye coordination.
  • It makes children responsible.
  • It teaches children to respect nature.

Materials Required for Leaf Washing Activity:

  • Bowl with a sponge
  • Water in a container
  • House plant

How to Introduce Cleaning the Leaves of the Plant Activity?

  1. Invite the child and tell them we will be washing plant leaves today. It looks so dirty. Let’s wash them.
  2. Now, wet the sponge with water.
  3. Ask the child to hold one of the leaves with their left hand and gently wipe away the dust on the leaves.
  4. Do the same with the rest of the leaves.

Ask the child to wash the leaves of their favorite plant, as shown in the video. Such activities instill a sense of independence and help in boosting their confidence.

In addition, this activity allows children to learn vocabulary and about botany, such as the parts and species of plants!

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Video Created by: Hillary Dahl


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