Folding cloth is a Montessori practical life lesson of caring about the environment. This video of folding a cloth (towel) will help in two ways:

1. Growth in independence about the folding of clothes and other such items.
2. Development of muscular control of the fingers and training inexactness.

Preparation for geometry by subconscious absorption of the folding lines.

This video helps your child learn the art of folding clothes with the following methods
1: Folding together with a single medium line
2: Folding together with a double medium line
3: Folding together with a diagonal line
4: Folding together with a double diagonal line

Sit with your child and repeat this activity shown in the above video of folding clothes. Once the child has successfully folded and unfolded the cloth, tell them to place it at the top left of his table next to the other clothes. Folding clothes activity also helps your child to become independent by doing daily chores of life.

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Primary | Practical Life | Folding Clothes (English) | by Olena Strykun