how to use clothespin

This practical life activity is designed for 1-3-year-old children to teach them how to hold and use a clothespin to hang clothes to dry.

What is a Clothespin?

A clothespin (also called a clothes peg) is a fastener used to hang clothes for drying on a clothesline. It comes in various sizes and designs.

Benefits of Teaching How to Use Clothespins to the Child

  • It strengthens fine motor skills.
  • It enables the child to perform their tasks independently and lend a hand in the daily household chores.
  • It promotes bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination, and motor planning.
  • It strengthens the finger muscles and increases concentration.

Materials Required for Clothespin Activity

  1. Clothespins
  2. Wet pieces of cloth
  3. A clothesline to dry wet clothes

Points of Interest

  • Whether a child can hold the clothespin correctly?
  • Are they able to apply enough pressure to open the clothespin?
  • Can they use both hands to hold the clothespin and hang the clothes on the clothesline?

Control of Error

When the clothespins hold the clothes on the clothesline to dry, children know they have completed the activity correctly.

How to Introduce the Clothespin Activity to the Child?

  1. Invite the child to the table along with the tray having the activity.
  2. Introduce the child to the materials by naming them (these are clothespins, these are clothes, this is clothesline).
  3. Show the child how to hold the clothespin using 3 fingers of the dominant hand.
  4. Let the child hold the clothespin and observe.
  5. Now show the child how to apply the pressure on the clothespin to open it. Also, show the release of pressure to close the clothespin’s mouth.
  6. Let the child try opening and closing the mouth of the clothespin.
  7. As soon as the child feels confident opening and closing the clothespin, move on to hanging the clothes to dry.
  8. Show the child how to hang clothes on the clothesline.
  9. Fix the clothes by using a clothespin so that it doesn’t fly away with the wind.
  10. Repeat this activity to hang the rest of the clothes.
  11. Tell the child, this is how we hang clothes to dry using a clothespin.
  12. Invite the child to try.

Variations and Extension

  • Matching Colors: Different color clothespins can be used to teach them different color names.
  • Counting: Ask the child to clip the number of clothespins depending on the numbers written on the number cards.
  • Addition and Subtraction: Teach the child how to add single-digit numbers using clothespins and write the final answer by counting the clothespin.
  • Sequence and patterns: Enhance the child’s cognitive skills by helping them form sequences and patterns using colored clothespins.

Watch the video to teach a child how to use clothes pins to hang clothes to dry. It also helps in showing the right amount of pressure to apply to open and close the clothespin. This clothespin activity instills a sense of confidence and independence in children.

Once the activity is completed, ask the child to remove the clothes from the clothesline, fold them and keep the tray back on the shelf.

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Video Created by: James Bauckman


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