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Adjective building suffix worksheet


Adjective Building Suffix Worksheet

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Adjective building suffix worksheet

This adjective suffix worksheet is designed for 6 to 12-year-old children to guide them about adjective suffixes and their uses.

When the children are firm with the lessons on verbs and adjectives, then they have introduced to suffixes and prefixes concepts. This worksheet helps a child to understand and practice different adjective suffixes along with their meaning.

What is Adjective Building Suffixes?

Suffix meaning: A suffix is added to the end of the root word to change the meaning of the word.

Some suffixes are distinctive adjectives. These suffixes can be combined with verbs and nouns to form adjectives. As a result, adjective suffixes can alter the grammatical function of the root word. By adding an adjective suffix, words become adjectives. Adjective suffixes have a wide range of different endings.

A few of such suffixes are:

Able, al, ant, en, ful, ish, and so on

For example-

  • Cap + able = capable

Cap is a noun and when we add the suffix ‘able’ to it, the new word formed is ‘capable’ and it becomes an adjective.

  • Help + ful= helpful

Here, help is a verb and when we add the suffix ‘ful’ to it, the new word formed is ‘helpful’ and it becomes an adjective.

How to Practice the Adjective Building Suffix Worksheet?

Allow the child to read the various adjective suffixes and understand the meaning of each of them on the reference page. Once the child comprehends the suffixes, ask them to read the sentences and write the relevant suffix in the blanks

For example, in the sentence:

  • Ruth is a grace___ lady.

The child will add the suffix ‘ful’ to the root word ‘grace’. Now, rewrite the sentence as “Ruth is a graceful lady.”

  • We all should eat season__ fruits.

Here, the child should add the suffix ‘al’ to the word ‘season’. Rewrite the sentence as “ We all should eat seasonal fruits.”

After completing each sentence, encourage the child to read it loudly. Forming new words with adjective suffixes would help them enhance their vocabulary and improve their reading habit. Filling in the blanks with the correct word will also let them comprehend the words better.

This adjective-building suffix worksheet also comes up with the answer sheet, in case a child needs to refer to it. Download the worksheet and start practicing various types of suffixes and their usage.

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