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Capitalization Worksheet: Rule 1


Capitalization Worksheet: Rule 1

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Capitalization Worksheet: Rule 1

This Capitalization worksheet is designed for the 5-6 years children when they are first introduced to sentences.

When children learn to read and write, it is important for them to understand which words to capitalize and why. It helps them to understand and interpret the sentences better. With the help of capitalization and punctuation marks, the whole meaning of sentences changes.

What is Capitalization?

Capitalization is the writing of a word with its first letter in uppercase and the remaining letters in lowercase. It has 7 rules to follow. Let us learn about capitalization Rule 1.

Capitalization Rule # 1

The first rule of capitalization states that whenever we begin a new sentence after a full stop, the first letter of the sentence should be capitalized.

For example–This is a mat. It is red in color. There is a rat on the mat.

Here, This, It and There are in the capital because they are the first words after a full stop.

This capitalization worksheet will help the child practice correcting sentences based on rule 1 of capitalization.

How to Practice the Capitalization– Rule 1 Worksheet?

A child needs to check whether the sentences follow rule 1 i.e. whether a sentence begins with a capital letter. If not they need to correct the sentences as per the rule.

For example – i see the cat.

Correct answer – I see the cat.

When the children would write the complete sentence in the correct format, it would be easier for them to comprehend the capitalization rule.

Download and practice the worksheet while watching the capitalization rules video to better understand the concept of Capitalization–Rule 1.



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