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consonant br blends worksheet


Consonant Blends: Br Worksheet

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consonant br blends worksheet

A consonant blend is formed by two or more consonants pronounced together within a word. These blends can appear at the beginning or end of a word and can consist of two or three letters, also known as consonant clusters or triple consonant blends. For example, when you say the word “brown,” both the ‘b’ and ‘r’ sounds are pronounced together, creating a consonant blend.

How to Practice Consonant Br Blend Worksheet?

The Br Blend Worksheet is an effective tool for children on their phonics journey. The worksheet focuses on words that contain the “brrr” sound, such as brown, breach, and brisk. Its purpose is to aid children in identifying and reading words that have the “br” sound, which is fundamental to their phonics development.

The “br blend” worksheet has two parts, each of which is engaging and fun for children.

Part 1:

In part 1, a child needs to identify the word starting with br blend with the help of images and write it down. This exercise helps children develop their phonemic awareness and strengthens their ability to recognize the ‘br’ sound in words.

Part 2:

Part 2 of the worksheet is crucial in helping children reinforce their understanding of the “br blend” words and master them. By completing sentences with the words formed in Part 1, children will not only improve their ability to recognize and read words with the “br” sound, but they will also enhance their comprehension skills.

Children should be encouraged to read each sentence out loud to further reinforce their comprehension. This worksheet is an effective tool for children on their phonics journey, and it will help them become confident and skilled readers and writers. Download the worksheet now and start practicing words with the “br blend” and their usage!

Filling the blanks with the correct word will also let them comprehend the words better. After completing each sentence, encourage the child to read it loudly.

A consonant blend worksheet can help children master reading and spelling, practice phonics skills, and improve overall literacy. You can download the worksheet and start practicing words with the consonant blend “br” and their usage.

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