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vowel blends: ou worksheet


Vowel Blends Ou Worksheet

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vowel blends: ou worksheet

This worksheet is designed for 6-12 year children to help them learn different words starting with the vowel blend ou and their usage in sentences.

ou Blends Worksheet

The vowel ou bends worksheet is an educational tool used to help children learn how to identify and properly pronounce words that contain the “ou” vowel blend. It also helps to improve their literacy skills.

The “ou” vowel blend is a combination of the letters o and u. Together, they produce a unique sound that can be challenging for many young readers to master. This worksheet will help them properly pronounce words that contain the “ou” blend.

How to Practice Vowel ou Blends Worksheet?

Ou blends worksheet is divided into two parts:

In part A, the child needs to identify the picture that begins with the “ou” blend and write its spelling in the blanks provided below. Help the child to pronounce the vowel blend “ou” sound, and encourage them to read each word aloud using the corresponding images.

Please note: When using the vowel ou bends worksheet, it is important to provide children with instructions on how to properly pronounce words that contain the “ou” blend. This will improve their reading and writing skills.

For part B, the child is required to use the words identified in part 1 and fit them into sentences to make them meaningful.

Benefits of practicing ou blend worksheet

Here are five benefits of practicing the vowel ou blends worksheet:

  • Improves pronunciation: Provide children with opportunities to listen, repeat, and visualize words with the “ou” blend.
  • Helps with spelling: Provide opportunities to practice writing words with the “ou” blend. Offer hints such as breaking words down or looking for patterns.
  • Develops understanding: Help children identify common spelling patterns of words with the “ou” blend. Provide opportunities to practice finding and using these patterns.
  • Enhances literacy: Provide a variety of opportunities to practice reading and writing words with the “ou” blend. Offer feedback and encouragement.
  • Provides practice: Provide a variety of materials with words that contain the “ou” blend. Offer opportunities to read aloud and write stories.

Download the worksheet now and help the child improve their literacy skills.


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