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Suffix Story Worksheet


Suffix Story Worksheet

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Suffix Story Worksheet

This suffix story worksheet is designed for 6 to 12-year-old children to help them comprehend thoroughly about suffixes and how to find the words with suffixes in the story.

When the children are firm with the lessons on suffixes, they can practice this worksheet. This worksheet helps a child to understand and practice different types of suffixes along with their meaning in a story manner.

Suffixes in a Story

Suffix meaning: A suffix is added to the end of the root word to change the meaning of the word. It might change the verb form or also the part of speech of the root word. Some commonly used suffixes are – ing, -ed, -ly, -es, -ally, and -ize

For example,

  • Play + ed = played
  • Help + ing = helping
  • Final + ize = finalize
  • Dent + ally = dentally
  • Love + ly = lovely
  • Class + es = classes

How to Practice the Suffix Story Worksheet?

The stories have also been a fascination for the children. Be it play, eating food, writing, or reading; stories can be built anywhere.

In a Montessori elementary classroom, a child is well-versed in the words and phrases formation. Reading and writing stories let the child use their imagination in words. Therefore, it is very important for a child to comprehend with various suffixes and their usage in a paragraph or a story.

In this worksheet, a child is introduced to a story of two boys Josh and Troy who become competition to friends in mere circumstances.

Here, the child has to read the story aloud and identify and underline various words that end with – ing, -ed, -ly, -es, -ally, and -ize suffixes.

For example, at the start of the storyline: “Josh and Troy met in the park while playing with their friends. Troy was walking and Josh was playing football.”

In these lines, a child will observe words with suffixes i.e. playing, walking, and again playing and underline them. This is how; they will be able to find all the suffixes in the story.

After completing the story, encourage the child to read it loudly. Forming the new words with suffixes would help them enhance their vocabulary and improve their reading habit.

Download the worksheet and start practicing various types of suffixes and their usage.

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