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proper noun worksheet


Proper Nouns Worksheet

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proper noun worksheet

This proper nouns worksheet is designed for the 5-6 years children when they are first introduced to the nouns.

When the children begin with the grammar lessons, understanding nouns is the first thing. There are a plethora of lessons and worksheets for understanding nouns.

What are Proper Nouns?

A proper noun is a noun that is used to name a particular person, place, thing, and more. Proper nouns are always capitalized in English, no matter where they fall in a sentence

For example,

  • The first month is January.
  • We are going to Mumbai tomorrow.
  • Her name is Camilla

The worksheet would help the child understand different proper nouns and how to differentiate between names, things, and places.

How to Practice the Proper Nouns Worksheet?

A proper noun begins with a capital letter and to understand this let the child find the proper noun in the sentence and then rewrite it where the proper noun would begin with a capital letter

For example,

  • We are going to paris tomorrow.

Rewrite it as- We are going to Paris tomorrow

As a proper noun can be a name of any place, thing, or person hence differentiating between them is also a task. Circling each proper noun with the right color code will help the child understand the task better.

Rewriting those words in the right column will also let them comprehend the right kind of proper nouns.

Download and practice with the proper noun worksheet while watching the video referred to in the worksheet to better understand the concept of a proper nouns and common nouns.


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