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common and proper nouns worksheet


Common and Proper Nouns Worksheet

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common and proper nouns worksheet

This common and proper nouns worksheet is designed for children age 6-12 years. It helps the child identify and distinguish between common and proper nouns. It also helps them in forming sentences using them.

What are Common and Proper Nouns?

A common Noun is a generic name of an item in a group.

A proper Noun is a specific name of a place, thing, or person. It always begins with a capital letter.

For example,

  • There are books lying on the table.
  • December is the last month of the year.

Here, books, table, month, and year are common nouns whereas December is a proper noun.

How to Practice this Common and Proper Nouns Worksheet?

Writing a proper name against the common noun would help the child comprehend the right differentiation between common and proper nouns.

For example, January can be filled as a proper noun against the common noun month.

In this worksheet, when the child would match a proper noun with the right category of common nouns, then an understanding would be created for the categorization of both nouns.

For example, Venus is the right match as a proper noun for the common noun planet.

Coloring differently for both nouns would add some fun for the child. Fill in red color for common nouns and blue color in the cloud that carries a proper noun.

Complete the worksheet to grasp a better understanding of the nouns and also watch the video referred to in the worksheet to understand the concept of a Proper noun and common noun.

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