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Prefix Re and Un Worksheet


Prefix Re and Un Worksheet

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Prefix Re and Un Worksheet

This Re and Un Prefixes worksheet is designed for the 6-12 years children when they are introduced to prefixes.

When children learn to read and write, it is important for them to understand the use of prefixes and suffixes. It helps them to understand and interpret the different meanings of the word.

What is a Prefix?

prefix is a word part that is placed in front of a base word to modify it. A prefix may change the meaning of the word, make it negative, show repetition or show opinion. While we add a prefix, the spelling of the original or base word does not change.

What are Re and Un Prefixes?

The prefix re- means to repeat the thing or do it again. It simply means again, back or it shows repetition.

For example,

  • When we add the prefix re- to the word ‘play’ it becomes ‘replay’.
  • When we add the prefix re- to the word ‘write’, it becomes ‘rewrite’.

The prefix un- means not or does the opposite of the base word. Use the prefix un- before words that start with a vowel or consonant.

For example,

  • When we add the prefix un- to the word ‘true’, it becomes ‘untrue’.
  • When we add the prefix un- to the word ‘tie’, it becomes ‘untie’.

 This re- and un-prefixes worksheet help the child to practice placing the correct prefix before the root word to form a new word.

How to Practice the Re and Un Prefixes Worksheet?

Help the child read and comprehend the rules of the prefix ‘re’ and ‘un’ mentioned above. Using these rules apply to use the prefix ‘re’ and ‘un’ in the sentences given in the worksheet. After filling in the blanks with the correct prefix, rewrite the sentence in the below-given space.

  • For example, I need to __fill my water bottle.

Correct answer: I need to refill my water bottle.

  • For example, This dress is very __comfortable.

Correct answer: This dress is very uncomfortable.

When the children would write the complete sentence with correct prefixes, it would be easier for them to comprehend all the meanings of the newly formed word.

Download the RE and UN prefixes worksheet to practice the concept of prefixes and how they change the meaning of words and sentences.

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