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compound words worksheet


Compound Words Worksheet

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compound words worksheet

This compound words worksheet is designed for 6-12-year-old children to help them form compound words using root words. This would also help them understand the meaning of the words.

When children are set to learn grammar, there are numerous topics to understand and use in their daily lives. Knowing how to spell each part of the compound word helps children learn longer and more complex words.

What are Compound Words?

Compound Words are two or more words that have been grouped together to create a new word that has a different, individual meaning.

For example –

  • foot and ball combine to form a football.
  • Rain and coat combine to form a raincoat.

Forming a compound word helps the child understand the meaning of 3 different words –the 2 initial individual words and the new word that is formed after combining those 2 words.

How to Practice this Compound Words Worksheet?

This compound words worksheet is divided into two parts:

  1. Matching two root words to form compound words.
  2. Completing the sentences by using compound words in part 1.

Part 1:

Match one word in column A with the most appropriate word in Column B to form a new word altogether. Write the compound word formed in Column C. This compound word worksheet helps in boosting children’s confidence while spelling long words and improving their vocabulary.

Let us take an example: hair from column A and cut from column B joins together to form a new word haircut, to be written in column C.

Part 2:

In this part, the child will learn the usage of compound words in sentence formations and how to complete the sentences by filling up the blanks.

The worksheet includes an example of a reference.

I love Ariel’s new haircut.

Here, haircut is filled in the blank to complete the sentence.

This compound words worksheet also comes with answers provided to help you go over any word if the child gets stuck.

Download the worksheet and also watch the video referred to in the worksheet to better understand the concept of a compound word.



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