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Grammar Symbols 3 part cards


Grammar Symbols – Three Part Cards

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Grammar Symbols 3 part cards

This Montessori grammar symbols 3-part card worksheet is designed for 3-6-year-old children to familiarize them with different parts of speech.

What are Grammar Symbols and How it Can be Taught to the Child?

While exploring words and learning the English language, children are introduced to basic parts of speech.

In Montessori, the function and position of words in sentences are studied and analyzed. Each of these parts of speech is represented by a symbol with a unique meaning. These symbols are called Montessori grammar symbols.

Grammar symbols help a child in discovering the patterns and structure of sentences in the English language. It is used at various levels of their language development.

A child can learn meaning and examples using this 3 part cards worksheet. The pack contains 9 grammar symbols that can be downloaded, printed, and kept for future reference.

Which Part of Speech a Child can Learn in this Worksheet?

  • Article,
  • Noun,
  • Adjective,
  • Pronoun,
  • Conjunction,
  • Interjections,
  • Prepositions,
  • Verb,
  • Adverb.

Download the grammar symbols 3-part card worksheet and help a child understand various parts of speech and its meaning.

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