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direct object worksheet


Direct Object Worksheets

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direct object worksheet

This direct object worksheet is designed for 6-12 year children to help them identify and practice finding subject, predicate, and the direct object in the sentences.

Let us understand the basic concept first.

What is a Sentence?

A sentence is a collection of words that provides a complete meaning, idea or thought.

Every complete sentence must have 3 parts:

  • Subject
  • Predicate
  • Object

The subject is someone doing some work or performing some action or being something in the sentence. It can be a noun or a pronoun.

Let us check some examples:

  • Victor ran.
  • Bob brought ice cream.
  • He is sleeping.
  • They are going to school.

In the above sentences, Victor, Bob, He, and They are the subject in their respective sentences because they are doing some actions. Take the first example, Victor is the subject because he is doing some action (ran). Similarly, in the third sentence, He is the subject because he is doing some work, i.e. sleeping.

What is Predicate?

Predicate defines the work or action that the subject is performing in the sentence. It is generally the verb.

  • Robin is playing cricket.
  • They watched the Spiderman movie.

In the first sentence, Robin is the subject and playing is the predicate.

In the second sentence ‘They’ is the subject and watched is the predicate.

What is an object?

An object is a person or thing that receives the action of the verb. It is the who or what that the subject does something to. Like a subject, it is also a noun or a pronoun.  There are two types of objects in a sentence:

1. Direct object and 2. Indirect object.

1. A direct Object is a person or a thing that directly receives the action of the predicate.

Let’s look at this example:

Victor ate an apple.

Here Victor is the Subject and the predicate is ate

And what Victor ate was an apple. The apple receives directly the action of the predicate, so an apple is a direct object.

Let us try another example:

They washed their clothes.

Here they is the subject here as it tells who did the work.

Washed is the predicate or the work/action that’s done. “their clothes” is the direct object here as it tells us which work is received by the subject.

Follow the rules above and find the subject, predicate, and direct object in the sentences.

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