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Verb worksheet


Grammar Symbols – Verb Worksheet

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Verb worksheet

This identifying article, noun, adjectives, and verb worksheet is designed for 3-6-year-old children to help them identify articles, nouns, and adjectives in a sentence using grammar symbols.

This verb worksheet is 3rd in the series when introducing English grammar to a child in Montessori education. This helps children develop strong grammar skills and communicate effectively with their friends and family. It also prepares a child to read and write complex sentences.

How to Identify Articles, Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs in a Sentence?

Articles, nouns, adjectives, and verbs are the structural pillars of language learning. We cannot imagine any sentence without them.

Noun – A noun is a word for a person, place, or thing. For example, Newyork, city, bus, family, etc.
Article – An article is a class that represents nouns. For example, a, an, and the.
Adjectives – words that describe nouns. e.g. blue, tall, fat, etc.
Verb – action words in a sentence that describe what the subject is doing. e.g. doing, walked, talking, etc

In this worksheet, children will put their understanding of articles, nouns, verbs, and adjectives and test it using grammar symbols.
This worksheet includes instructions and an example to follow to analyze sentences.

Download the worksheet and help them to excel in academics.

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