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direct and indirect object worksheet


Direct and Indirect Object Worksheet

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direct and indirect object worksheet

This indirect object worksheet is designed for 6-12 year children to help them identify and practice finding a subject, predicate, direct object, and indirect object in the sentences.

 We have discussed the subject, predicate, object, and direct object in a sentence from a previous worksheet. Let us learn about the indirect object and how to identify them.

 What is an Indirect Object?

It is an object that represents a person or thing about what is being given or done. In simple words, it is who or what receives the direct object. So you need to have a direct object to get the indirect object.

 Let us understand this concept with an example:

 Mom is baking a cake for Bob’s birthday

 Here, Mom is the subject, baking is the predicate, and a cake is a direct object. And, a cake is prepared for Bob’s birthday. Hence, Bob’s birthday is the indirect object here.

 Let us try one more example: Jack got the first rank in his annual exams

Here Jack is the subject, got is the predicate, the first rank is the direct object, and in his annual exam is the indirect object

 Follow the rules mentioned above and find the subject, predicate, direct object and indirect object in the sentences.

 Download the worksheet now!

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