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Alphabetizing Worksheet


Alphabetizing Worksheet: Rule 2 (Arranging Words in Alphabetical Order Based on First Letter of the Word)

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Alphabetizing Worksheet

This alphabetizing worksheet is designed for elementary-level children to practice arranging words in alphabetical order based on the first letter of the word.

What is the Alphabetic Order?

Alphabetic order is arranging names, words, or terms in the same order as the letters of alphabet (A to Z).

 How to Arrange Words in Alphabetical Order?

Let us understand with an example.

We need to arrange the words: sun, rock, and balloon in alphabetical order.

In this example, the balloon comes first, followed by rock (r) and sun (s) as ‘b’ comes first in order and then ‘r’ and then ‘s‘ in alphabetical order.

 Steps followed:

Step 1: Read the word carefully and identify the first letter of the word.

Step 2: Arrange them in alphabetic order of their first letter


Download the alphabetizing worksheet and start practicing alphabetizing to master the skill.

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