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adverbial phrase worksheet


Sentence Analysis – Adverbial Phrases Worksheet

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adverbial phrase worksheet

This adverbial phrases worksheet is designed for 6-12 year children to help them identify and practice finding a subject, predicate, and adverbial phrases in the sentences.

 We have discussed the subject and predicate in a sentence from a previous worksheet. Let us learn about adverbial phrases and how to identify them in a sentence.

What is an Adverbial Phrase?

An adverbial phrase is a group of words that together act as an adverb. It modifies other parts of speech—such as verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs and phrases.

 Let us understand this concept with an example:

  • Samantha left her math book in the school.


  • Samantha is the subject, 
  • left is the predicate, 
  • her math book is a direct object, and, 
  • in the school, is the adverbial phrase that tells us where.

Let us try one more example: 

  • Jonathan was walking very fast.


  • Jonathan is the subject
  • was waking is the predicate
  • very fast is the adverbial phrase that tells us how.

Follow the rules mentioned above and find the subject, predicate, and adverbial phrases in the sentences.

Download the adverbial phrases worksheet now!

You can also download the Montessori sentence analysis material to do this exercise here.

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